Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More on the idea of 20% time....

A colleague of mine found this article in TIME magazine, and it further supports the idea of Autonomy and 20% time as keys to motivating others to be innovative at work (see Daniel Pink: Drive). I also enjoyed this article because of a quote I found at the end of the article.

"I had many great teachers and professors and mentors over the years, but it was a young first-grade teacher who saw a crushed little girl, told by the grizzled senior teacher that I had used the word then too often in the first piece of writing I'd ever attempted, who swooped in with her gold star, stuck it atop the page and told me to keep writing."

This reminds me of a book we read to our staff at the beginning of the year called The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. It is a children's book about allowing kids "make their mark." If you are a teacher, and haven't read this one, it is worth your 10 minutes!,9171,2030886-1,00.html

Happy Reading....

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  1. i wish all of my daughter's teacher had as much patience and kindness as you do. =)